by Carley Baer

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In between releases, Carley got lost in Problem Cat City and began to explore its sounds and textures. This album was born of restlessness: from moving to a new city and getting used to settling down, to waiting on the release of an album that's still in the works, to figuring out what the next move could possibly be... RESTLESS features some old, some brand-new, some political, some whimsical. It's a snapshot of a motion, a moment in time, where a white picket fence is just the next hurdle to be cleared...


released February 14, 2018

Carley Baer -
Main vox, backup vox, guitar, ukulele (tenor/baritone), electric bass, MIDI instruments, drum programming



Track Name: Restless
Sitting here waiting for something to happen
I look down and notice that my toes are tappin'
I'm restless
My very own bed that I can lie awake in
I can't sleep, because my legs keep shakin'
I'm restless

Tossing and turning, no peace to find
'Cause if it ain't my body, it'll be my mind
And I don't want to spend all of my time
Feeling restless

Stuck in traffic, running out of gas, it's
Going slower than Alaskan molasses
And up ahead is some kind of mass disaster
Why can't we hurry up and pass it faster

I try to be cool, go with the flow
But sometimes folks move way too slow
And I'm getting antsy if you didn't know

I am a little rubber ball
Watch me go bouncing off the wall

Breathing heavy until I get breathless
Wondering if I'm gonna live to regret this, I mean
I can't even commit to a setlist
I'm edgy because I can't see where the edge is
And the fog's rolling in, clouding all of my sense
And the way's barricaded with white picket fences
And so, how am I feeling? I'll give you three guesses
I'm restless
I'm restless
Track Name: Wandering Heart
How to deal with a wandering heart
Gets out of the backyard all of the time
You feel the emptiness whenever you're apart
Out of sight, out of your mind

Move to the suburbs, white picket fence
Everything's safe and simple and boring
Then all of a sudden, nothing makes sense
It's your heart you've been ignoring

It's gone to find adventure in the sun
It's done with knowing how everything will end
And you know it's not the only one
The only question is how long
Are you gonna pretend?

Put up the wanted signs, wait by the phone
Hope that you won't be waiting forever
Maybe this time, when it finally comes home
You can free yourself of your tether
And go into the great wild world together

Yeah you can finally get free
To deal with a wandering heart
Track Name: Too Late Now
Oh no, here we go again
A letter I never meant to send
Too late now

Secrets let out of their cage
Feelings right there on the page
Too late now

Now what am I supposed to do?
I promised myself I'd never tell you

I guess it ain't some big surprise
I bet you've seen it in my eyes
Too late now

Maybe it's good to let it go
But what will you say now that you know?

Oh no, here we go again
Ever the complicated friend
Too late now
Track Name: What If This Is Only The Beginning?
My oh my
I might not get out of bed today
Because why oh why
Why should I?
The whole wide world is going straight to hell anyway
So I might as well enjoy myself
For a little while

Because every time I close my eyes
I can forget it all
Forget the trouble we're all in
Sometimes I feel like I'm on a carnival ride
And I'm getting sick from all the spinning
And what if this is only the beginning?

For one thing, the joke ain't all that funny
I can see the punchline coming a mile away
Anyone can do anything, long as they've got the money
And if you've got enough, they don't even make you pay

So why oh why should I even leave my reverie
When there's so much that could bring me down
It's parking fines and party lines
And so much hyperbole
And which of the lesser evils is winning
And what if this is only the beginning?
Track Name: Magnifying Glass
I made the mistake with my own two hands
And my hands are kind of small
But hold them up to the light
And suddenly seven-story shadow puppets dance on the wall

And things that were normal-sized
Suddenly loom and appear to be larger than life
The mistake was a razor blade
Now it's made to look like a butcher knife

Little things
Become bigger things
You will find
Everybody has a magnifying glass in their mind

Well I guess that I'm sorry in a small sort of way
For the small little line that I crossed
But I know even yet, one little misstep
Doesn't mean that I'm hopelessly lost

And as far as that goes, a nose to the molehill
Does not a mountain make
And I'm tired of pretending that the world must be ending
Over one tiny little mistake

Little things
Become bigger things
You will find
Everybody has a magnifying glass in their mind
Track Name: Heaven Knows
Here I am again
I've been coming here since God knows when
The only place that I have ever been
The only place I'll be
That's how it seems to me

Have a look around
Finding comfort on the cold, hard ground
Silence wishing I would make a sound
But I cannot abide
I keep it all inside

So it goes, and so it goes
And heaven knows, heaven knows

What's a girl to do?
She had to go and fall in love with you
Even when she said she wasn't going to
But though best plans were laid
The heart cannot be swayed

So she stands alone
A scrub tree growing from a slab of stone
Wind and rain and skin and bone
And ever more will be
At least that's how it seems to me

So it goes, and so it goes
And heaven knows, heaven knows
Track Name: Coming Down
I come around
Too high
To hit the ground
I'm coming down
A leaf on the breeze
I'm coming down
With friends like these
Who needs enemies?

Night falls
On a windy day
I wish
You didn't play that way
But who's to say
You didn't mean it somehow?
Who's to say
What you were on about?
But it doesn't matter now
I'm coming down

All along I wondered how it would go
All along I wondered what your eyes might show

Time to leave the tree
Apples as far as the eye can see
But not for me
The leaves are all brown
Meet me by the sea
I'm leaving this town
I'm coming down
I'm coming down

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