by Carley Baer

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It's the word of the week.


He's got tiny little eyes like an alligator
All hail the marmalade dictator
He's gonna work for the people, no one's out in the cold
He proclaimed it all from his tower of gold

He's got a hairstyle that is gravity-defying
He lies and he lies without even trying
He's got a mouth just big enough to put his foot in
He's the favorite plaything of Vladimir Putin

He's already having troubles, well imagine that
He's a living breathing pile of KOMPROMAT

Say Donald are you having a bad day?
Those hacking allegations just won't go away
And while you were getting ready to ascend to power
Someone had to let it leak about the golden shower

You thought you'd have it easy all tan and fat
But here comes the wrecking ball of KOMPROMAT

The spray tan fuhrer of TV fame
Rode his pony into Washington to change the game
He said no to corruption, he's gonna drain the swamp
But what's he gonna do with all of this KOMPROMAT

Everybody knew that he was super dumb
Now we know his junk is right under Russia's thumb
Who knows what kinda crap the Kremlin is cooking
Trump's just as disgusting when he thinks nobody's looking

The Russians were clever, they set up the trap
And all they caught was a whole lotta... you know


released January 12, 2017



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